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Specialized training for social media managers, businesses, and individuals.

social media managers series)

Often referred to as SMMS, our Social Media Managers Series is offered multiple times throughout the year. Can’t make the dates we provide? There are options to schedule a private SMMS for you and your team.

Specifically curated for employees or business owners who have been tasked with managing social media for a business or brand. We instruct on brand awareness, gaining engagement, strategy, and return on investment. Post-secondary level instruction is condensed into 3 full days.

The series is an intensive workshop, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and lunches are included.

Attendees who complete the entire program will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course in its entirety qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

individual courses)

Our jsm) training centre is set in the old Mainstreet Medical Building in historic downtown Lacombe, adjacent to the Flatiron Building!  Our intimate and engaging centre for learning will be the host for social media and brand presence training throughout the year.

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private corporate training)

Joe Social Media’s expert trainers provide in person or online training to private groups.

We can be booked for video conference meetings to help educate staff, ownership and management teams on the new necessity of social media, public relations in business. We also help owners and business managers design official social media policy for employees.

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This course is designed for employees or business owners who have been tasked or hired to manage social media for a business or brand.

Attendees will receive a 150+ page SMMS Workbook, to follow along with our trainers; including exercises, excellent reference points, and tools to become a successful Social Media Manager. 

 Attendees who complete the entire program will also receive a Certificate of Completion and direct contact with our team for future consultation.

This course in its entirety qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Message us to get more information and assistance with your application!

Social Psychology, Content Strategy, and Creating a voice

You’ll learn how to choose which social media platforms to utilize based on how people behave on each. Once we’ve moved through the social psychology part, we’ll lean into creating a content strategy based on the needs of your business, and also what your audience wants from you. And then, finally, we’ll touch on what your business voice should sound like, to ensure great brand representation.

You’ll learn how to create content that will make your audience want to engage and buy from you. We’ll talk about different types of content, how it makes an audience feel, storytelling, and more.

We’ll take you through optimizing your Facebook page, settings, and content options. Trust us – even if you’ve been using Facebook for years you’ll learn important stuff in this course!

Then we’ll cover Facebook Business Suite/Business Manager, where you’ll learn to create ads, read your data, and use the insane amount of free tools that Facebook Meta offers.

And, let’s not forget the fun “extra” stuff; like, Group, Facebook Pixel, Shops, Live Producer, Messenger, Events, and more!

You’ll learn everything there is to know about Instagram and TikTok!

We’ll cover every asset from the Feed to DMs, Video Chat, Stories, Reels, LIVE – and why it’s all important. You’ll learn how to use the data Instagram gathers to make better content decisions, how to grow your following, whether hashtags and geotagging matters, plus why you need to use both photo and video. 

You’ll also learn why TikTok is all the rage, and how you can use it for your business. You’ll learn how to set up a business account so you have analytics, and how to use the tools available. We’ll even get into how “cool things” are done – transitions, filters, and original sounds. This course is fun and worthwhile to know the best practices in creating visual content!

You’ll learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to make connections, what to post and when, plus how to make sales, how to cold call, and how to use your inbox as an asset. You’ll learn how to set up your Company page, and engage your team to help you with its growth.

Also an in-depth discussion on your online digital presence for you and your team’s personal branding, and how that greatly influences your business reputation.

We cover a lot of important best practices for your business involving social media.  Including team collaboration, social media policy, leadership in an online world, online business reputation & culture, time management, content scheduling/planning and more!

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