Well, social media for business is not!

That’s probably why you are here.

Professional, experienced, social media industry pioneers. The jsm) team provides social media training, consultation, and management for business and digital marketing professionals. 


Providing professional content, strategy, and platform page management for your business, organization and brand.

Social Media Management


Offering professional social media training for the people in your organization, tasked with social media management.


Book our professional public speakers for conference keynotes, seminars, training and media appearances.


Industry professionals are seen and scouted on the web every day. A company or individual’s online presence has never been more important.

how we do it

social media management)

Take your social media seriously, and let's manage your online channels, presence and reputation.

We create and execute a local social media strategy, with a focus on consistent brand representation. jsm) works closely with you and your team, translating your current brand strategy to the online channels you’ve chosen to broadcast it.

social media training)

Social media is our full-time job, but we know what it's like to run a business and handle your online presence!

We teach a variety of courses for basic platform learning or comprehensive job responsibilities of a Social Media Manager. Our team at jsm) offer private or public social media training courses and classes for communications and digital advertising professionals.

public speaking)

Let's put the social back into social media.

With backgrounds in broadcast media and teaching, invite jsm) instructors and public speakers to attend your corporate event, seminar, conference, school, and more! We have numerous presentations and social media topics to choose from.

digital presence)

Daily content on social media is just a start!

jsm) provides targeted ads management for the platforms you’ve put your brand and business. Unlike organic content, targeted and paid ads find their way into specific timelines and devices, ensuring your sales proposition is top-of-mind in a noisy digital world.

our approach)

Take your social media seriously. Expert social media solutions to broadcast your brand.

jsm) works closely with your team to become a part of your brand voice, to round out the marketing plan already in place.

Our content creators and professional trainers work directly with businesses and organizations to provide consistent, creative and relevant brand presence while utilizing all digital and traditional brand assets.

why jsm)?


For more than a decade, Joe Social Media has generated millions of meaningful impressions for thousands of businesses and professionals.


We’ve provided hundreds of jobs and helped organizations, municipalities and school-aged children with positive social media learning in communities all over Western Canada.

Fair to you, fair to us pricing

jsm) works with businesses and organizations who value social media but need some help. We are a corporate social media agency providing a personal voice for your brand.

Real human beings communicating in a digital world

As the world goes more digital, there will always be a need to humanize the content, pages and channels we scroll each day. Your business, brand or service gets trending publicity and human creativity with us.

our clients)

social media channels can make fans out of your customers)

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